DonCoryon is the online moniker of Cory Goodwin. This website is dedicated to Cory’s programming and technology interests. Visit Cory’s main website for more personal information.

By trade, Cory is a programmer and system administrator. He specializes in creating and operating websites built with the WordPress content management system. He is an expert in Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript.

Cory is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Aroono. He functions as its Managing Editor and Chief Technology Officer. He enjoys working his days writing code and writing articles. Those are the two ways he expresses himself.

Arch Linux is Cory’s Favorite Linux Distribution

Cory likes Arch Linux for its simplicity. Everything is kept original. Arch package maintainers don’t add to the code to make it more Arch like. Arch like is considered whatever the original developers of the software made it. He appreciates the Arch maintainers commitment not to interject their spin or their agenda.

PHP is Cory’s Favorite Scripting Language


Cory works on the web and his language of choice is PHP. PHP is a scripting language so its easy to write it. It’s not restrictive and provides most advanced programming features, such as namespaces and object orientation. Cory finds the documentation very helpful and easy to understand. PHP is for doers and Cory likes to get things done.

WordPress is Cory’s Favorite Content Management System

Cory loves WordPress because it has great documentation and its ease of use. It’s easy to hook anywhere into the system and customize what needs to be customized. While Cory doesn’t like the commercial culture that has grown around WordPress, preferring Drupal’s culture, Cory enjoys the software that has been created.

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