Free Flash Fiction Is Icing on the Cake

The only thing better than flash fiction is free flash fiction. Free flash fiction is the icing on the cake. We can all eat our moist cake dry, that is what subscribing to a flash fiction magazine is like. But getting a moist cake with icing on it is like getting free flash fiction. The sprinkles on top is like getting free flash fiction written by the master DonCoryon.

What Is Flash Fiction

Free flash fiction is generally going to be around one-thousand words long. The average person will be able to read a free flash fiction piece in about three to five minutes. This is the average time someone has to read an article while browsing the web. Shorter, and the story won’t make much sense. Longer, and you run the risk of the reader losing interest or running out of time.

Free flash fiction comes in all shapes. Any genre will do. From horror to romance or from middle grade to thrillers, flash fiction will satisfy your desire for a story and won’t cost you a dime. DonCoryon offers free flash fiction on his blog in addition to writing longer works like novellas and novels.

The Latest Free Flash Fiction Pieces by DonCoryon

The latest free flash fiction pieces by DonCoryon
Don’t Reap What You Have Not Sown
Don’t Reap What You Have Not Sown

You shouldn’t try to reap what you have not sown. Hear a story about a band of thieves and the villagers who defend themselves.

Ain’t No Sugar Momma
Ain’t No Sugar Momma

When players go online to date, the conversation can turn out to be anything but what you thought it would be.

In The Alley, Drugs There Will Be
In The Alley, Drugs There Will Be

When junkies and dealers collide, there’s no telling what kind of ride we’ll be on.

Why Read Free Flash Fiction

Free flash fiction is an art in and of itself. Each piece is standalone but comes with a beginning, middle, and an end. Each piece is entertaining but also short and to the point. No more drudging through endless details that you don’t care about. An author like DonCoryon, who is skilled at writing flash fiction, gets your emotions revved up in under five minutes.

You will enjoy the free flash fiction posted on this site that is written by DonCoryon. You will also enjoy reading free flash fiction written by other authors. Give flash fiction a try, after all, oftentimes it is free. At least on this site.

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