Inside the Van A Dark Shadow Looms

They sat in a broken-down van in an alley behind a halfway abandoned shopping center. Only Sammy’s Smoke Shop remained. All the other tenants, including the grocery, went out of business. The area is mostly used by the homeless, but junkies and dealers hide among them.

“It took you a really long time. Did you do any of it without me?” Taylor asked Connor.

Connor was getting himself situated in his seat. First, he had to move the toy dinosaur. He wasn’t sure what to do with it. He looked around, then looked at Taylor. She didn’t make any kind of motion or even understanding of his plight, so Connor just threw the toy dinosaur on to the back seat.

When Connor shifted positions he felt his foot stick to the ground. Connor lifted his foot and looked underneath his shoe. He saw a half-eaten sucker which he promptly grabbed and ripped off his shoe. Connor said, “Disgusting. Do you keep your house this clean? How do I roll down this window?”

“Chill out Connor. The windows only work when the car is on. Give it to me.”

Connor handed the sucker to Taylor. Taylor opened her door and dropped it outside. She said, “There you go. Where’s my dope?”

“This dope is fantastic. You’re so lucky I was available. You could have gotten such crap. Instead, you got the clearest crystal you’ve ever seen. I mean this shit is amazing.”

“You smoked some of my shit, didn’t you? Just admit it. You were gone forever.”

“I didn’t smoke any of your shit.” Connor grinned. “I did smoke some though. I got a sample for hooking my man up a new customer.”

“So I pay for it and wait while you smoke it. That sounds fair.”

“It is what is. Quit bitching. Check this out.”

Connor took the meth out of his pocket and handed it over to Taylor. She took the bag and twirled it in her hand. The bag was a miniature clear Zip-Lock. She stared at it and said, “That is clear. Wow.”

Taylor reached for a small black bag. It had a single zipper at the top. It contained all of her meth paraphernalia. She pulled out her glass pipe. At the smoke shop, it was called an oil burner. It was a glass tube with one end open and the other end bulbous with a little hole.

Taylor opened the bag of meth and tilted it over the open end of the pipe. She flicked the bag with her finger. The meth sprinkled out of the bag and into the pipe. She put a generous amount of meth into the pipe. About a quarter of the bag.

Taylor pushed the trigger on her gun-shaped butane lighter. A mini torch, Taylor used the butane lighter to heat the meth on the bulbous end of the pipe. She rocked the pipe back and forth so the liquid didn’t burn. It slowly started to smoke and Taylor placed her lips on the long end of the pipe. She released the lighter and continued to suck in the smoke while rocking the pipe. She inhaled a large amount of smoke and then released the smoke from her lungs.

“That smells amazing,” Connor said while admiring the thick cloud of smoke that filled up the van. Cheech and Chong would be proud. Connor licked his lips as the smell of the meth dried them out. He craved his next hit.

Taylor handed him the pipe and Connor took a hit just as Taylor did. “Thanks. This shit is bomb. Do you mind if I take another?”

“Yeah. Sure. I mean, we can chill for a while. There’s plenty to keep us up for a while.”

“Right on.” Connor was thrilled that she wanted to chill. He wanted to get laid and Taylor was a good notch on his belt. He would brag about this to all his friends. Taylor had a tight little body. She was a petite blonde with a good amount of curves for her frame. She liked to wear her makeup thick and her clothes tight, which gave her the added appearance of being more attractive than she was.

Connor took another hit and then passed the pipe back to Taylor who took did likewise. Taylor, with smoke in her lungs, said, “You know, I really want my kids back. I would be the best mom.” Taylor let out the smoke. She paused to clear her throat. When that didn’t work she coughed. “Wow, that was rough.”

“Are you okay?” Connor asked. I know what else you could choke on.

“Yes, I’m fine thanks.”

“Do you need some water?” Connor said. I would like to spray water all over your shirt.

“Do you have some?”

“No.” Fucking needy bitch.

“That’s fine. No worries. We can go to the store in a few.” Taylor said.

“You look good.”

“Thanks. Oh, my kids. I can’t wait until I get my kids back. My kids were taken from me a year ago. I was doing everything right but the judge said that as long as I am using I couldn’t have them. Can you believe that shit? I was doing everything I was supposed to. I was getting them ready for school in the morning. I would get them to school. Pick them up. Make them dinner. Everything. And the damn judge still gave my mom custody of my kids.”

“Wow, that’s rough.” I’m sure you didn’t do any of that.

“Yeah. I don’t even know why she fought for them. She just wants the tax right off. She certainly doesn’t care about them. At all. I mean, they tell me all the mean and fucked up shit that woman does to them. They tell me. I promised them I’d get them back. That’s what I am going to do.”

“I hope you do,” Connor said. I can’t believe you bitch. I would never give you your damn kids. I can’t believe you think anyone in their right mind would give your crack head ass a couple of kids to fuck up.

“I like your nails. Why is your one finger a different color than your other fingers?” Connor reached over and pointed touching Taylor’s hand. He left his hand on hers.

“I don’t know. That’s just the style these days.” Taylor smiled at Connor.

She wants it. Connor smiled. Connor reached over with his hand and touched Taylor’s cheek.

“You look like you want to kiss me,” Taylor said.

Connor smiled and laughed. He blushed a little. “Yes, I do.”


They looked into each other’s eyes for another second and then embraced in a passionate kiss. Connor was in heaven but he felt some uncomfortableness in Taylor. She pushed Connor off him and broke into a coughing fit. Her skin started to grow very pale and her veins turned dark blue.

Oh shit. She’s gonna die. I’m fucked. Connor started to sweat. He wasn’t sure what to do in case of an overdose other than watch in horror. Taylor kept coughing and growing more sickly looking by the second. She transformed from a hot young woman to a hideous creature of death in less than a couple of seconds of coughing. What the fuck am I going to do?

Taylor slumped over and remained still.

“Taylor? Are you okay? Taylor?” Connor put his hand on Taylor’s back. Oh shit. What am I going to do?

Taylor didn’t move. Time stopped. Connor stared and then Connor panicked. He took out his phone and called his brother Maddox. Voicemail. “Yo, Doxy, call me back mother fucker. I have never needed you more than I need you right now.” The panic in Connor’s voice was clear.

Connor heard a double chirp sound followed by a bright light. He knew what it was. A police cruiser was behind him.

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