Three Poems About The Writing

Below is a collection of three poems about writing.

Writers are a unique breed and we are alone, yet visible at the same time. You don’t see our faces but you enter our heads. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t read at least one thing every single day. Blog posts, signs, to novels; all had a writer. That writer bled to form the perfect words that you take for granted.

Enjoy the poems. I hope you grow to understand us more through them.

Like a siren to a sailor, the writer is drawn to the blank page.
By the strength of its allure, the seduction is complete.
The writer is bound and cannot leave.
He fills that page until it’s complete.
Then he is released and swept back out to sea. 

Every day I do a deed
I pierce my heart and bleed
I do this for my soul to feed
because it’s starved by greed.

I close my eyes
I look around
Demons abound.

I hear a voice
It talks too long
The message is wrong.

I always forget
It upsets them greatly
Their message is shady. 

I do not care
It’s not useful
A cursed jewel. 

They plant seeds
The seeds sprout
Ideas from drought. 

Down a pathway
It’s too dark to see
They are hiding from me.

They are agitated
I haven’t done
They threaten to shun.

But fear of them
I do not
I have my thought. 


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