Which side of the road do you drive on?

“You’re on the wrong side of the road!”

“I’ll save us, homeboy,” I said to my friend as I took us down the wrong side of a street. There was no way to cross over to the correct side. There was a solid median in the way. I felt the adrenaline pump through my vanes as we raced. Stopping to turn around would be common sense for most. I had already smoked a few rocks and drank too many beers to count. My plan was simple. Finish the race.

There were cars on both sides of me and I can ram them if needed. The police are right behind us and a helicopter up in the air. The music is pumping and my score is on the dashboard. I can swerve around any car that happens upon us. I’ve done this a million times. I know what I am doing. Nothing can stop me. We will finish the race and I will unlock the next level. My foot smashes the pedal to the floor.

We don’t move very fast, this isn’t the average race car found in my video games. This is an old car with a four-cylinder engine. It chugs up the road, which is now at an incline. The sky is black and there are no other cars in sight. A few street lamps light the way but the s-curve cuts down the view considerably. We make it to the first turn and still no cars in sight.

“What the fuck are you doing bro?”

“Don’t worry,” I respond, “I got this.” I chuckle.

“Let me the fuck out.”

“Chill out bro. This ain’t. We’ll be up the hill sometime. No cars on the road. I don’t see. It’s night.”

“What the fuck are you saying?”

“Dude. I got this.” I turn to stare at my friend. I shake my head look at him perplexed. I keep staring at him wondering what his problem is. After all, I am handling the situation quite nicely.

“Pay attention to the road.”

“Damn. Man, you got issues.” I turn my head back to the road. I turn the wheel sharply as we were almost up the median and we cross the three lanes to the other side. I course correct again. The whole car jerks as I let off and back on the gas pedal. “Somethings. Piece of shit. Wrong. Fuck. Hurry up.”

“Dude, just stop. Let me out.”

“Fuck off bro. We’re gonna party man. These girls are. Man, they hot. Ready and waiting.”


“Yelling man. I got this.” I chuckle some more. I don’t see what my boy’s problem is but he’s starting to piss me off. We’re just cruising along here and he’s panicking like he’s scared to die or something. I am not sure. We hit the second part of the s-curve and I see the intersection up ahead.

“Lookout. There’s a car.”

Headlights shine bright as it turns on to the road directly at us. I see it coming and swerve to the right hitting the median and putting the two right wheels onto it. “Easy. I got this.”

I swerve back to the left and head directly for the headlights. I ask my friend, “What kind of car is that? Truck?”

“Get over. Stop the car.”

“Nah. Weird.” I swerve the car back to the right and the vehicle honks. It’s a large truck and it passes us by. We approach the intersection.

“It’s red. Stop.”

“Fuck. I don’t see cars coming.” I run the red light but swerve to the right and end up on the correct side of the road. “Told ya. I got this.”

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