About DonCoryon

DonCoryon is a Catholic American Servant of God. Lover of Books. Seeker of Knowledge. Teller of Stories.

DonCoryon writes fiction and reviews books. He is the editor of Catholic Age and the owner of Aroono. He contributes to Epilogue and is quite active on social media.

Author of Fiction

DonCoryon is an author of fiction.

DonCoryon loves to write fiction. He produces flash fiction for his blog and is currently working on his first novel. If you love to read short but fun stories, DonCoryon’s flash fiction should be your go-to. Topics of DonCoryon’s flash fiction include all genres. Basically, any idea he doesn’t feel will fit in his book, he writes a flash fiction story around.

Book Reviewer

DonCoryon is a book reviewer.

DonCoryon is an avid reader. His reading goal for 2020 is to read one-hundred books. After he reads them he writes up a reading wrap-up and discusses the books he’s read. If you are wondering what your next book to read should be, take a look at the books DonCoryon has read and reviewed.

Editor of Catholic Age

DonCoryon is the editor of the Catholic Age.

DonCoryon is a faithful Catholic. He edits the Catholic Age publication. This publication is about promoting the Catholic faith in a positive way. If you are Catholic you will love this publication. DonCoryon writes the daily biblical reflections on the Website. He is currently looking for authors to contribute to the publication for various columns.

Owner of Aroono

DonCoryon is the owner of Aroono.

DonCoryon is the owner of Aroono. Aroono is a web hosting company that specializes in hosting WordPress websites. It is currently in Beta mode. If you are an influencer, blogger, or small business, who wants a solid but inexpensive way to host your website, Aroono should be your choice.

Contributor to Epilogue

DonCoryon is a contributor to Epilogue.

DonCoryon enjoys writing articles for Epilouge. Epilogue is a publication geared around the writer’s life. If you are interested in what an author’s life is like then Epilogue is the publication for you. Here you will find lifestyle stories as well as articles on the craft of writing. This publication will probably be of interest to you if you yourself are a writer.