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In the Name of the Lord, I dedicate this website to Our Lady of Guadalupe and to Saint Junipero Serra. The mission of this website is to proclaim the Gospel of Christ to the world, as well as teach the faith to those who are interested.

junipero serra

Our Lady of Guadalupe

On December 9, 1531, Our Lady appeared before Juan Diego—now Saint Juan Deigo—outside of Mexico City. Over the course of eight years, over nine million natives were converted to Christianity by a small group of Franciscans. This is all attributed to the special blessings and the power of Our Lady of Guadalupe for the Glory of God. 

Saint Junipero Serra

In 1749, Junipero Serra—now Saint Junipero Serra—left Europe as a Franciscan missionary with the mission of converting the natives of America to Christianity. He served as President of the Missions of California. He was instrumental in founding many of them. Serra’s passion was preaching and teaching the Gospel. 

Blessed Carlo Acutis

I would like to give a special intention to the Blessed Carlo Acutis. He was a young web developer that died from cancer in 2006. 


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